A fun global approach

The educational objectives

  • Develop the academic achievements and improve the students’ educational achievement in the country.
  • Collect static studies related to the students’ educational performance and use it to develop the educational process.
  • Use diversified and modern teaching strategies that convene students’ abilities.

The school main objective is to encourage all students to achieve the maximum through:

  • The organization of work and social visits to support all students to become educated.
  • The organization of practical and physical activities during breaks in order to develop their skills and during the extracurricular weakly session.
  • Offer rewards to encourage students and develop the competition spirit between them.      

The establishment of a well-organized learning environment and the classes will be as following:

  • Equipped with information and communication technologies (IT).
  • Equipped and well-furnished to introduce fun learning.
  • Motivating and innovative teaching ways

Royal Crown is devoted to introduce high standards through writing regular reports to the supervisor and this includes:

  • Monthly reports.
  • Send questionnaire to parents on regular bases to inform them about the achievement

Royal Crown is working on increasing the Islamic and national values through the following:

  • Providing the place and the timing for prayer to encourage the students to pray at time.
  • Organize religious lectures to increase their moral awareness


The curriculum

  • Our school is committed to follow the International British Curriculum by using the educational resources recommended by curriculum standards department.
  • Our educational curriculum obeys the national standards in the state of Qatar and the Ministry of Education as well as that the curriculum is global, well connected, balanced, and most of all full fills the needs of our students through the following:

- The customs, traditions and values of Qatari society

- The intellectual, spiritual ,social and physical needs of the Qatari students(citizens and expatriates)

Fulfilling all students’ needs

            Students’ needs are fulfilled through:

  • Expanding the teaching and learning experiences to fulfil the different students ‘needs.
  • Using the library as one of the learning resources.
  • Providing some extra support sessions to facilitate the difficulties that students might face.

The program of non-classroom activities:

  • Organize competitions during the break and encourage students to participate by giving rewards to winners.
  • Convenient sport competitions could help with encouraging collaboration between students and establishing friendship between them.

The school assessment

  • It is the assessment that the school publishes in the official website and confirms the ministry standards and approval.
  • Our school is committed to obey the ministry of education policies and procedures.
  • The school uses assessment for many reasons:

- Strengthen students’ educational achievement.

- Help educational staff to choose the most appropriate teaching way that fulfils the students’ needs.

Types of assessments

  • Royal Crown school uses several types of appropriate assessments such as:

- Personal assessment that targets the learning difficulties that student may suffer from.

- Building assessment that targets the planning of the learning and teaching process.

- Final assessment that aims at recording students’ achievement.

- Personal assessment that encourages students to assume their responsibilities regarding their learning.

Students’ behaviour

  • Our school is committed to the ministry‘s policies and procedures as well as the policies followed to assess behaviour.
  • The Royal Crown School accommodates students from the first grade to the sixth grade primary school and represents a student-centred educational community that develops student social, emotional, mental and personal development while remaining in school according to a partnership between teachers, parents and students. This ensures that:

- The student is able to formulate the meaning from the content (speech context).

-The importance of emphasizing on the curricula, which encourages learning and thinking.

  • Using a variety of assessment tasks will help students demonstrate their success in achieving all levels. Exams for subjects and reference tests will be used to measure student’s level. These assessment tasks measure the student's performance in the test case. Students can also measure their abilities through research work by observing the teacher in class and by presenting the results in a variety of ways.
  • Application of scientific methods, hypothesis development, prediction, testing, inference and conclusion.
  • Design experiments


  • The National Curriculum Standards for the Ministry of Education and Higher Education will be implemented and will be continuously measured to ensure that the student achieves high performance to ensure that he is on the right path towards achieving these goals:

- Informative analytical reading.

- Enjoy reading comprehension activities.

- Respect the others’ views.

Objectives of curriculum standards for general sciences:

  • Develop and support interest in science and its applications.
  • Understand the scientific methods and how the general sciences evolved.
  • Use a good and systematic knowledge for the facts and concepts and the important scientific principles and possess the skills required to apply them in new and changing situations through a personal, industrial and environmental context.
  • These goals are achieved through developing:

- The knowledge of different methods of language uses according to text, linguistic purpose, listener, content and the ability to apply this knowledge.

- A good understanding of language combinations and the ability to apply these structures especially in writing.

- English language according to the requirements of the labour market, and the requirements of higher education as English is the medium of communication while the standards focus on the achievement of functional skills for students compared to English language and English language curriculum as a foreign language in countries that speak English in view of culture and literature and to raise awareness of multicultural values.

  • The use of modern methods, including computers and methods of research work helps the student to search for the information; read and write it.
  • The link between curricula development and teaching methods and its compatibility with the evaluation mechanism will help students adapt to them and chart the clear way of how to upgrade at different levels and achieve scientific progress in an organized manner. In addition to that, diversity in evaluation methods will also help students to progress and improve their scientific levels.
  • At last, the diversity of activities, skills and resources of information contained in the curriculum without focusing on the textbook as a single source of information and the use of supporting resources and activation of different teaching methods in the delivery of information using modern technology would make progress in the students’ learning process and their high academic and behavioural achievement and graduating from one stage to the next.

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