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Our Vision and Mission

 Vision of Royal Crown School

Vision: To provide students with distinctive learning content based on creativity and competition to achieve the vision of Qatar 2030  

 تزويد الطلاب بمحتوى تعليمي مميز يعتمد على الإبداع والمنافسة لتحقيق رؤية قطر 2030

Mission of Royal Crown School

Mission: To offer a safe, stimulating, and supportive learning environment that encourages students to recognize, learn, think research and communicate effectively  


مهمتنا المدرسية هي توفير بيئة تعليمية آمنة ومحفزة وداعمة تشجع الطلاب على التعرف والتعلم والتفكير والبحث والتواصل بفاعلية 

Our Values

Respect – It involves taking responsibility for each other. As well as, speaking to and interacting with others in a courteous manner along with being reliable and trustworthy.

Care – Students will care for one another and the environment .hence, Develop sense of belonging to the community.

Cooperation – Students will work together in a team .In addition to contributing and sharing in a helpful way.

Integrity –Involves Acting in accordance with principles of moral and ethical behavior, besides ensuring consistency between words and actions.

Responsibility –Students will be accountable for their actions. They will be able to resolve differences in a constructive way that is convenient to civic life.

School Overview

We provide at Royal Crown School of Qatar a safe and happy learning environment where each child is valued and inspired to achieve all that they can. We are a learning community, passionate about providing British Education, which inspires and encourages learning and intercultural understanding. Our school facilitate self-discovery and the development of unique interests, gifts and talents. Through our personalized approach to learning we aim to develop independence and responsibility in pupils , as well as nurture social and emotional security. Royal Crown School Uses technology to stimulate and extend boundaries of learning .

The School Behavior and Assessment Policy

7.14 The School Behavior Policy

At Royal Crown, we believe that all pupils should be aware of the standards of behaviour that are expected of them and take ownership and responsibility for consistently reaching these standards. To achieve this, we aim to ensure that every member of the school community feels valued and respected, and that each person is treated fairly and consistently. We are a caring, inclusive community, whose values are built on mutual trust and respect for all. The school’s behaviour for learning policy is therefore designed to support the way in which all members of the school can learn and work together in a supportive, considerate, respectful and responsible way. It aims to promote an environment where everyone feels happy, safe and secure in both the school and wider community. We believe:

-All children have the right to learn and play in a safe, friendly and happy school.

-All staff has the right to work in a safe, friendly and happy school.

-Parents have a right to feel welcome and be secure in the knowledge that their children learn and play in a safe, friendly and supportive environment.

The school has a Code of Conduct (Our Royal Crown Code), but the primary aim of the behaviour for learning policy is not a system to enforce rules. It is a means of promoting   good relationships and positive behaviour, so that people can work together with the common purpose of helping everyone to learn.


-Assure a disciplined, positive and safe learning environment for all students and members of school community

-Identify student behaviour expectations and unapproved behaviour

-Clarify policies and procedures regarding any behavioural infractions

-Promote moral and ethical values in the school community



Students are expected to:

-Display high morals and ethics, commitment to religious and cultural values

-Show respect, compassion and cooperation with staff and peers

-Maintain a clean outfit and high personal hygiene

- Participate actively in lessons, morning assembly and school activities

- Practice a healthy life style in their daily diets


Students Expectation:

-Adhere to the school dress code

-follow classroom rules

-Should not wear make –up or keep nails long

-Punctual in doing homework and bring required books and stationery

-Should not use bad language or words with staff or peers

-Should not leave classrooms without teacher permission or a hallway pass

- Should not eat inside the classroom or chewing gum.

- Should not bring and misuse the electronic devices in class, and this includes: phones, IPad, IPod…and using headphones.

-Should not sleep in class during the lessons.


Parents Expectation:

-Drop the students on time.

-Encourage students to follow the school rules and behaviour expectations.

-Follow up on behaviour concerns and to implement the suggested consequences.

-Expected to act as good role models for their children.

-Asked to inform the school if there are any circumstances that may affect their children behaviour.

-Expected to support any disciplinary action taken by the school and to ensure their children understand that school and home are working together and are in agreement. 

At Royal Crown Primary School and Kindergarten, we believe that all students should be aware of the standards of conduct expected of them and take responsibility for consistently reaching these standards.

To achieve this, we aim to ensure that every member of the school community feels valued and respected, that everyone is treated fairly. In addition, our values depend on mutual trust and respect for all.  We aim to foster an environment in which everyone feels happy and secure in both the school and the wider community.

The role of children:

The school expects all students to show respect for each other, to all school and kindergarten staff, teachers, management, workers, and anyone else who may meet during the school day. It is well-known that the first objective of teaching in the kindergarten is modelling and setting the best example of behavior to get the best of students.

 Behavioural incidents or intentional harm to other students or employees will not be tolerated.  They are expected to abide by the school rules, listen, follow the instructions of staff and behave well. Students follow rules of the administration especially when they are informed of the rules of behavioural discipline, including any measures put in place to support their behaviour, such as behaviour support programs.

With the support and guidance of all staff, we expect students to follow behavioural control policies, such as listening when someone is talking, using kind words.......... etc.  The policies should be signed and displayed with pictures in a prominent place for employees and students.  Children are always expected to adhere to these rules and are referred to when needed by staff. 

The role of the principal:

It is the responsibility of the principal to continuously implement the school behaviour policy throughout the school and show the effectiveness of these policies.  The principal's responsibility is to ensure the health and safety of all children in the School.  The principal supports employees throughout the implementation of the policy, by setting standards of conduct, and supporting employees in implementing this policy through the curriculum and all methods that support spiritual, ethical, social and cultural aspects.

The social worker keeps records of reported incidents of misconduct, and report the school principal up-to-date.


Teachers’ responsibilities:

All staff members of the school staff should be aware that the first step to enhance good behaviour is to be a role model, which means that all employees and anyone else who comes to school must show responsibility and professionalism. The school ensures consistency of discipline by everyone so that the limits of behaviour and penalties are clear to all and are applied fairly without discrimination, considering individual differentiation between students and different cultures.

We work with parents to understand their children and their behavior. We do believe that, in conjunction with clear rules, appropriate rewards and good support systems, we can build an effective learning community. Al Royal Crown will regularly inform parents about good or bad behaviour.  We encourage parents to contact teachers on K12net if they are concerned about their children's behavior. All needed is done to support parents whenever they need. We promote good behaviour in the curriculum. In addition, school rules and best behaviour together are displayed on the walls in the classroom and are located around the kindergarten.

RCS will take all reasonable measures to ensure the safety of all students and staff, including protection against bullying.  We aim to raise awareness regarding bullying and other harmful behaviours using preventive strategies, among other things, by developing activities to enhance the social, emotional and behavioral skills of students.

It is the responsibility of the homeroom teacher to ensure that students adhere to the code of conduct, and that students behave responsibly during lesson time and when moving around the campus.  The teachers in the classroom in our school have high expectations of children in terms of behaviour and strive to ensure that all children work as hard as they can.

If the child is abused repeatedly, the school maintains a record of all these incidents. The class teacher must deal normally with the students who are troubled. If the misconduct continues, the teacher of the class seeks help and advice from the social worker, and then from the school principal, who, in turn, usually calls for a meeting with the parents in collaboration with social worker. 

RCS uses some behavioural support institutions to give lectures to students to support and guide them. The classroom teacher may offer a range of preventive treatments in response to inappropriate behaviour, for example, certain activities as a reward. 

The teacher reports to parents about the progress of each child in their class.

The role of parents:

Parents have an important role to play in ensuring that their children are responsible for their behaviour. We ask parents to respect and support the policy of conduct in the school and the authority of staff. Royal Crown maintains a safe and orderly routine with policies that parents must respect, including (the obligation of the parent to respect the attendance times for morning and departure on time. Also, parents encourage child to comply with rules of wearing a school uniform ironed and clean and encourage the child to abide by all school rules and procedures).

The school requires parents to cooperate with administration to support their children's learning, including informing the school of any special educational needs or personal factors that may lead to unexpected behavior for their child. We also ask parents to attend regular meetings with staff or school administrative to discuss their children's behaviour and to abide by any behavioural support agreements or plans developed by the social worker.

The Role of School Management:

Royal Crown School administration is responsible for developing general guidelines on discipline standards, following up on their implementation and measuring their effectiveness and the school principal should   follow up the implementation of behaviour policies objectively and on regular basis.


7.10 Assessment Policy

Royal crown school believes on All students are consistently held to high expectations.
Grades are based on multiple and varied tasks/assessments over time, grading practices yield grades that are understandable, meaningful and reflective of student learning.
Grading scales are precise, clear and fair and are communicated to students and parents.

At the beginning of each term, every teacher shall explain to students orally the grading criteria that will be used for evaluating their academic performance. A copy of each grading policy and subject specific will be kept in the principal’s office.

-Formative term assessment conducts through the term.

-By the end of term each student will receive a report card that highlights their academic performance in all areas.

-Percentages and grade boundaries will show up on the report cards to ensure that parents are fully aware of their childrens achievement.


School formal assessments during term for year (1-6)

-School enter exam

-School diagnostic test

-School first Quiz

-School Midterm exam

-School Second Quiz

-School final exam


Explanation of final marks:

Achievement or progress shall be reported for year 1 to year 6 as:


90 - 100 excellent progress

80 - 89 very good progress

70 – 79 good

60-69 satisfactory

50 - 59 need support

0-49 poor


Grades are to be recorded on cumulative folder (permanent record). The student may be retained upon parent request.

Marking System:

Quiz 1: 10Marks

Mid Term: 30 Marks

Quiz 2:10 Marks

Final Exam: 40 Marks

Homework and behaviour: 10 Marks


Diagnostic test

A diagnostic test is a test that helps the teacher identify problems that students have with English, Math and Arabic.

School uses the marks to track students’ academic reviews and for remedial classes plans for each one.

At the beginning of the school year, we conduct a diagnostic test in the form of children's activity to determine their needs in order to know their different learning styles and abilities. The analysis of the result of the diagnostic test enables teachers to design classroom and extracurricular educational activities that suit those abilities and differentiation. Remedial plans will be developed for the children who need educational support in consultation with the parents of that group of children, as well as for the category of high achievers and talented children to design classroom and educational activities that develop their talents and enrich their mental abilities.


For Kindergarten:

The kindergarten is an independent educational stage that has its entity and is not less important than other educational stages. It has comprehensive educational objectives which meet the needs of children and develop them mentally, socially, linguistically, physically and ethically in engaging educational ways. Since Royal Crown Kindergarten is providing education for Early Years Foundation Stage, assessment is very important for the children of this stage because it aims to assess the performance of the kindergarten and ensure the quality of its educational outcomes. Assessment is also to provide accurate and documented data on the quality of education in it to take better procedures. It is effective for improving and developing, enhancing staff capabilities at the Kindergarten in working to develop and improve their performance, and providing decision makers, parents and the community with reports on the quality of education their children receive, in order to achieve the principle of accountability.

The assessment policy in Royal Crown kindergarten is appropriate to the age, mental, linguistic and physical level of children at this stage, to be tested through activities, speaking, and colouring, writing letters, words and numbers. The evaluation will be in three forms:

-Ongoing assessment

-End of Term report 

Teachers use various assessment strategies such as question-and-see, interviews and samples of children's work. They also use a weekly tracking sheet and daily snap observation then they provide feedback weekly using K12net (less pair and group work in any pandemic to keep social distance)

The assessment is used to ensure that the curriculum and education conform to the British curriculum standards provided, and that all assessments are linked to clear learning and individual objectives.


Remedial Plans

The primary objective of the remedial plans in Royal Crown School is to prepare the students to reach at par with average students with special care focused on the student’s weakness area.

This is achieved by building the basic skill of the students which revolves around the English and Arabic weakness.

Remedial programs are designed to bridge the gap between what a student knows and what he’s expected to know.

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